Camp Director

Welcome to Camp Gesher! For the past eighteen summers I’ve had the pleasure of calling Gesher my home. From the start, my goal was to create an environment which is warm, loving, hospitable, and inclusive. Overnight camp offers a unique opportunity for your child to reflect, learn, mature, and gain independence; Gesher provides the supportive surrounding and staff to help your child achieve those goals.

As a teacher for the past thirty years, I know how important it is for every child to make an emotional connection with at least one person – either another camper or a member of our staff. As we believe this is one of the most significant outcomes of the maturation process, we create many opportunities for our campers to develop lasting relationships both during the summer and throughout the school year.

I feel the most energized and productive when I am at camp, and it’s all due to the energy that I receive from campers. They have many opportunities to showcase their creative abilities and leadership skills. It’s tremendously inspiring to watch the growth of our campers over the course of the summer and, for so many of them, over the course of ten summers or more.

We believe that a child’s experience is not dependant on extrinsic variables, but instead on the friendships and connections they form, and the experiences they have. Gesher’s intimate and inclusive community atmosphere provides a golden opportunity for lifelong friendships and skills to develop.

My own children attended Gesher as campers, and all three of them agree that the camp was instrumental in building their character and Jewish identity. Like many of our Gesher parents, I wish I had the opportunity, growing up in Israel, to attend this kind of overnight camp.

We welcome you to come and join our family. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Shaul Zobary
Camp Director