Situated on the gorgeous Lake Pringle, Camp Gesher offers an astounding variety of spaces for our campers enjoyment. Please have a look below at just some of the great facilities Gesher provides.


We have a fully stocked arts and crafts building, a costume shed for drama programs, speakers to play music for dance, projectors for slide-shows and movies, a library with books and board games, and so much more. All of these items are easily accessible to our campers ensuring there is always something to do.


IMG_3737We are fortunate to not only be situated on pristine Lake Pringle, but also have many great toys to make the most of it. We have a water trampoline and water slide.  We also offer canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boating.  We also provide life guarding by our swim staff that are all certified.  The ski staff can take you water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, and tubing. We also have multiple docks that offer stunning views of the lake, especially at sunrise and sunset.


Gesher is situated close to Bon Echo Provincial Park and the woodsy beauty of the area definitely spills over into Gesher. Surrounding by Lake Pringle and the surrounding forest, Gesher is a picturesque camp that maintains the aesthetic of the nature it’s built around. For those who love nature programming, we have an organic garden, multiple flower gardens, and a variety of forest trails. There’s a lot of green space at Gesher but still nothing is more than a 5 minute walk away.


IMG_4380We have approximately 30 cabins to fit a wide range of needs.  At Camp Gesher we pride ourselves on constantly upgrading our cabins while still preserving the rustic homey vibe of wooden cabins.  All our cabins have brand new wooden porches, some extending the entire length of the cabin.  Our most recent endeavor was a brand new modern cabin built with huge windows and high ceilings. We also have several larger cabins that have bathrooms.


Our Kosher kitchen is the heart of our camp. Serving all our meals, providing our snacks, and being an evening hang out spot for those campers who want a little something extra before bed, our kitchen is a welcoming environment that also happens to serve really great food. Everyone loves the kitchen and our campers often volunteer to help out in there—and it’s not just for the extra snacks they may receive for doing so.


staylor_DSC6136For the sporting types we provide a basketball court, soccer field, and baseball diamond.  We also have a new jungle gym, several swing sets, and a big sand pit. We also have a shed full of sporting equipment ready to use whenever the campers desire.

Meeting Locations

Camp Gesher has a lot of meeting locations, both indoors and outdoors. We have several buildings around camp that have varying capacities.  Our smaller buildings can hold twenty people while our largest can comfortably hold two hundred people. Our outdoor meeting spots are smaller but provide a refreshing atmosphere. Our smallest ones have a capacity of ten while our largest one, which sits right on our lake, can hold twenty five people.