Camp Innovation Quest

About Camp IQ

Situated on the grounds of Camp Gesher on beautiful Lake Pringle, known for its striking sunsets and stunning views of the Canadian Shield, Camp Innovation Quest is designed to encourage an interest in robotics and engineering for students in Grades 5 – 11; to cultivate a strong appreciation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields; and to equip campers with the tools to succeed in a rapidly changing and increasingly technological world.

This unique Jewish overnight camping experience will instill an appreciation for nature and an understanding of the natural environment, while channeling campers’ interest in and knowledge of the world of hi-tech and its futuristic applications. Young people who are curious about STEM will be encouraged to learn more about the exciting potential of science as they interact and create friendships with peers who share their interests. Through a combination of specialized instruction in robotics and radio controlled vehicles, together with traditional camp activities such as water sports, hiking and nature exploration, campers will have an opportunity to develop and advance their passion for science and technology. In addition, campers will nurture their social skills under the direction of supportive Camp iQ mentors and Directors in a traditional Ontario residential camp setting.

An Exceptional Exploration of the Hitech World

Robotics and Control Systems help young people learn to build using their hands and minds, and to design, re-design and construct different types of robots and radio-controlled vehicles. Through these activities they learn programming, project management skills, basic wiring and an understanding of the increasing importance of STEM fields. Our specialized curriculum in Robotics developed for Camp iQ will consist of:

A philosophical approach to the study of robots will include discussions on the positive benefits of robots and their potential to impact the future of humanity.

In a Serene and Natural Traditional Camp Setting

The concept of kvutza or group is fundamental to the spirit of Camp iQ. We take pride in creating an atmosphere in which all campers will get to know one another in a welcoming social space that promotes personal growth and encourages the building of positive relationships. We foster a culture of acceptance, individuality, and mutual respect in a safe environment where all members of the community are free to express themselves. Traditional Camp activities include:

Camp iQ also helps campers strengthen their personal Jewish identity through our emphasis on Jewish culture, tradition and community. Our kitchen is fully Kosher and both Shabbat and Havdalah are celebrated watching glorious sun-sets over Lake Pringle, creating wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Camp Directors

Dr. Shaul Zobary

Executive Director and Co-founder

Dr. Zobary has been the Executive Director of Camp Gesher since 1998, and has taught numerous subjects including Sports, Drama, Career Studies and Guidance as a teacher in both New York City and Toronto for more than 30 years. His goal for Camp Gesher was to create a loving, hospitable, and inclusive environment, and to provide an opportunity for campers to reflect, learn, mature, and gain independence. Dr. Zobary founded Camp Innovation Quest to offer the same opportunity for youth with a special interest in science and technology to achieve these goals, to benefit from the same supportive residential camp setting, and to develop lasting friendships with their peers.

Mr. Wendell Straker

Head of Robotics and Co-founder

Mr. Straker is an award-winning Technology Teacher with the Toronto District School Board with years of experience teaching Manufacturing Technology, Robotics and Control Systems, Mechanical and Industrial Design, and Technological Design. He is also the lead teacher for the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Specialist High Skills Major Program in Manufacturing Engineering Technologies and Robotics at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute. His passion for designing and building robots and remote control vehicles inspires his students to develop the advanced skills that have led E.C.I. to be a leader in this emerging field, and a consistent winner in Board-wide and Provincial competitions.



Sunday, August 19th – Thursday, August 30th, 2018.

Camp Fees

$3,000 (excl. HST)

This fee includes bus transportation to and from camp, room and board, a robotics kit (value: $700) and certificate at the end of the session, as well as all camping activities.