Camp Gesher is developing very important skills and attributes in my son: being a leader; getting along with others; being proud of his Judaism in a way that is not related to practice or ritual; helping him to understand important Jewish values such as working together, having common goals, discussing and debating, taking responsibility for your actions and your future. He has come home very strong in these areas. The friendships he has built at Gesher will last a lifetime- I can tell. He is very confident in his own skin because of his connection to Camp Gesher and his friends there. He also has learned so much about getting along with others. Camp Gesher's major strength is in building strong individuals who love themselves, love others, and love being Jewish.


My daughter returned from camp so happy, relaxed looking beautiful and fit and couldn't about her friends and full of stories. She couldn't wait to tell me that she passed her Bronze cross in swimming. My daughter had an excellent summer and even thought the food was excellent. I would feel comfortable recommending Camp Gesher to any family.


After two rather challenging summers at another camp, my son was thrilled with his experience at Camp Gesher this summer.  We were concerned that he'd have trouble  breaking into the group  considering that many of the boys his age had been going to Gesher for years.  That was not the case and he was able to fit right in.


Camp Gesher is the single most influence and important social event in my kids lives. I have a 13 year old with severe ADHD and social issues – all he talks about is going back to Gesher and Gesher accommodates him so well!


I don't know anyone who's come back from Camp Gesher feeling less than thrilled for having been there. The children really seem to have a great time. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive. I couldn't consider another any other camp now because my kids wouldn't let me.